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When caring for an aging parent or loved one, one of the best ways to ensure their needs are met is to recognize, identify and understand any health challenges they may be facing. This is no different when it comes to caring for a senior with dementia. Becoming more familiar with the disease and its process, as well as what to expect during each stage can help you provide appropriate care to your parent, grandparent or loved one.

Early Stage

Even after a diagnosis of dementia, your loved one may still be aware of memory slips. As a result, they may shy away from expressing how they feel and try to tackle daily activities that may now be dangerous to perform. To ensure their safety, it’s important to recognize some of the subtle symptoms of dementia such as changes in behavior, mood swings and forgetfulness. You can then assist by:

  • Offering to help develop memory aids such as taking notes to remember daily activities
  • Encouraging open dialog with you or a healthcare professional to discuss ways to better manage symptoms
  • Discussing preferences for future care, including if they would prefer nursing home care or at-home care in Greenwich
  • Assisting in completing legal, financial and medical paperwork

Progressive Stage

Symptoms in this stage become more obvious. Your loved one may ask the same questions repeatedly, have difficulty completing familiar tasks, become disorientated with time and place, misplaces things, or suddenly become fearful. To ensure their safety and comfort, you should:

  • Regularly visit your loved one, and consider hiring a professional Greenwich caregiver to check in when you cannot
  • Be prepared to assist with daily activities such as cooking, shopping, light housekeeping and paying pills
  • Look into activities to help maintain cognitive functioning such as brain games or Home Care Assistance’s Cognitive Therapeutics Method

Final Stage

During the later or final stages of dementia, an individual will likely find it extremely difficult to perform activities of daily living and may even lose the ability to effectively communicate with others. Your loved one may need help with personal care such as bathing and dressing and will likely require daily supervision. You can help by:

  • Providing companionship and emotional support to help alleviate fears or concerns
  • Hiring a Greenwich live-in caregiver to provide around the clock support and monitoring to ensure safety, maximize comfort and prevent wandering
  • Acting as an advocate to ensure that your loved one’s best interests are being carried out at any medical appointments

To learn more about supporting a senior loved one through the stages of dementia, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Greenwich today. We proudly provide seniors and their families with the support and assistance they need during difficult times, and have a team of professional and compassionate caregivers who are trained specifically in Greenwich dementia care. Find out more about our care services or schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation by calling a Care Manager at 203-842-8863.